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The Warning!

shofar1 reversed.png

The "Trumpets of God" are said to blow, as a signal that the apocalypse is near. 

     Harbingers of the Reset, the eerie sounds are interpreted in many ways.  To some, they are angelic trumpets; to others, they are loud booms or sirens.

     To me, they sound like construction workers I can't quite pinpoint, or sometimes, the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

(or, perhaps, more accurately, the song of the 'space whales')



<- - - Click here, to hear about research in the field of glacial acoustics!

(sampled from:

Check out this

Nat Geo vid of the

audio from ice cracking!

     Pay special attention

to the text captions at the

1:50 mark!

     I believe this is the exact 

reason why the "blasters" from Star Wars

sound the way that they do!  These sounds are associated with the 'war in heaven' (war in the stars... star wars.)  

     When you hear the blaster fire (ice dome) you'll know that the Jedi (Fantazoids, 'aliens', gods, etc) are returning... or, the Return of the Jedi.



The various sounds of ice, heard here, are small

scale versions of the MUCH larger ice dome above!  That's probably why the "strange sky sounds" are deeper, louder and longer lasting!

Banging, Booming, Knocking...

Pings, Pews and "alien" sounds...

The "eerie" sounds of Antarctica's ice "shelf" (wall)...

When the EM force field ("confinement dome") shuts down, the ice will not have any support and will burst.  

     These sounds are heard when the force field is weakening.  They will become louder and more frequent...

... just as a woman, in labor, until the birth day.

     People cannot pin point a location when hearing these sounds because it's coming from an entire section of sky above them!

There are many great videos, from various countries that capture, not just the sounds, but, the reaction, animals and people, have, to them! 

     The "haunting" noise, was so loud that the announcers of a Major League Baseball game commented on it!  (timestamp 4:38)

listen to classic examples from around the world!

"The Ukraine Train"

Loud, ominous, metallic, roar.

"Oklahoma Jug"

Hollow, old jug, dragging furniture sound.

"Japanese Dragon Breath"

Dragon breathing, sudden swooshing.

"Indonesian Trumpet"

Metallic, horn, trumpet, siren.

world "hum" map

Glen Macpherson put together this website, creating a map for people to mark where they have heard these "humming" noises coming from the sky!

     You can zoom in and out, even add your own pin to the map.  Look how many pins there are!  As you can see, it's happening worldwide. 


Residents of certain local towns, on many occasions, have called 911 to report and ask if there was a tornado warning... forcing the national weather service to issue statements similar to these...

(documenting the strange sounds and assuring citizens there was no tornado)

I've found that some of these movie monsters are even portrayed

as being "frozen" in the ice, or trapped behind a wall of ice.  

This symbolizes the ACTUAL ice above us, 

which holds back the ACTUAL 'monsters' 

...and magic!

Chicken Little was right.  The sky will fall, but not before the Warning.


                               Why does Hollywood make

                                so many movie monsters

                              that mimic the strange

                             sounds people hear in the 



                    Perhaps, their creative minds                         have tapped into a primeval truth...

            Those sounds, are followed by:

                       - Apocalyptic Events

            - The arrival of large Monsters

                 -The return of Gods/Titans


Fun Fact: In the Bible, the infamous "walls of Jericho" only fell  after powerful blasts

from the Hebrew "shofar" (trumpet).  This parallels the "ice-wall" of 'Antarctica' breaking

apart after the 'Trumpets of the Angels of God' are blown.  Now, THAT'S some interesting plasma apocalypse information!

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