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     This is the place of Legend.  We are archaeologists and explorers!  Together, we will :

     translate ancient words, decode myths, examine fossils, journey to hidden lands, wrestle with GIANTS, learn with Elves and muse upon the megaliths... leaving no stone unturned!

     The past has been obliterated.  History has been hidden.  But the world is our treasure map! -leaving clues and keys for explorers to recover precious artifacts, true stories, and the place where the X marks the spot!


Tools we can use to reverse-engineer the past and reconstruct ancient history:

- Comparative mythology

(comparing similarities between seemingly non-related mythos)

-  Etymology and transliteration

(reducing modern words to their picture-form roots,

drawing closer to the original meaning)

- A balanced mind

(Intellect and creativity produce innovative

theories allowing us to provide substance

and reason to the otherwise unexplainable)


Fantasy, from Reality. 


in the modern world, words like "fantasy" basically mean "not true".  

But where do these fantastic ideas stem from?


reality, that has been long forgotten.  reality that has been

erased from the history books.  reality, fact and true history that was passed down from generation to generation.  

The core of each story remains, painted with many colors, by many cultures, becoming - personalized, diversified  and cartoonified.


For example, the images above are real places you can visit.  They show what looks like giant petrified beings, half sunken into the earth.  These images reflect what ancient stories tell us. They represent the reality.

The images, below, are computer generated.  They are cartoonified  memories of our residual collective subconscious,  Remnants of the real. The images below are creative expressions of ancient truths and hidden history.


The flood "myth' is a great example.

The entire world has been flooded, as evidenced by the "ocean",  itself.

But aside from the massive amount of water covering the surface of this realm, we can build a strong case for a cataclysm of world-wide flooding  by looking at the myths and legends, from across the world, describing it.  each, with different heroes.  each, for different reasons. Each, from different regions and. . . perspectives, Yet, one thing remains: They all tell of a time when the great waters of the "ocean" were not here.  They all tell of the devastation brought upon our realm when those waters arrived.


Here, within the pages of "ancient Oblivion",  you will discover  times lost to antiquity and gaze into the future . . . as antiquity and eternity meet.  Here, is an idea of what kind of topics will be added : 

  • The Elu

  • titans

  • Megaliths

  • Mud fossils

  • the fractalverse

  • fringe cosmology

  • energetic architecture

  • land at the north pole

  • the plasma volcano

  • hollow earth

  • Giants

  • fantastic creatures

  • Geographic anomalies

  • The tree of life 

  • instant petrification

. . . and more ! !

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