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Plasma Apocalypse Light Sticks!  (PALS)

Plasma Apocalypse Light Sticks! (PALS)

SKU: 32921938523
  • Man made electricity WILL NOT WORK during the apocalypse. Strong winds and vaporous atmosphere will make lighting a candle seem impossible. A worldwide EMP will disable all battery powered flashlights. The sun will disappear and the three days of darkness will return.

While everyone else is screaming in terror at the unexpected thick darkness, unable to find their supplies, loved ones or safe places - You can confidently crack one of these PALS and see what others will not!

  • Safe from strong winds. Non metallic. Throwable. A plastic hook on one side allows for hanging your light - or put your own string through the hole to make a necklace to keep track of your loved ones or pets! Apocalypse proof, guarunteed or your money back! Pack of 5.
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