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MF14 Adult Gas Mask

MF14 Adult Gas Mask

SKU: 1005004758625398

During the atmospheric depressurization of the Plasma Apocalypse, you'll probably reach for your nearest Oxygen tank, but when the suction stops you'll find a gas mask to be useful against gasses just released from the ground & newly formed in the atmosphere!

  • Shields your eyes from Tempest debris while seeing perfectly!
  • Protects against newly created gas pockets! (Cl2, N2O, etc.)
  • Breathing, in the sand kicked up by The Storm - will be MUCH easier!

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Origin: Mainland China
Certification: CE
Denfense Objects: Organic Gas
Denfense Objects: Acid Gas
Denfense Objects: Ammonia
Denfense Objects: Hydrogen
Usage: WORK

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