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Emergency Apocalypse Oxygen

Emergency Apocalypse Oxygen

SKU: 32944470351

When the world's atmosphere depressurizes, the air you breathe will be pulled upward into the sky by strong winds. Breathing will be difficult for a short time. Don't be one of the people who passes out, blacks out, or falls asleep - due to shortness of breath and an increased heart rate!

  • People will gasp as the air is pulled from their lungs, desperate to pull in one more sweet lungful of air.
  • Those who black out will not be able to hold on. Many will float up into the sky, unconscious and oblivious to the world storm enveloping them.

Pick up your own personal mini scuba tank which comes with at least 20 minutes of fresh breathable oxygen! Attach to your go bag, put one in your car, add to your underground secret cache or give as a gift to a loved one. Breathe easy during a breathtaking apocalypse while others scream in panic, terror and confusion.

  • A great investment for survival.  
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